Clash Royale Clan Wars 2 Update Adding PvE to Game

Royale, the popular multiplayer mobile game from Supercell, continues to receive robust post-launch support. The latest example is Clash Royale‘s major upcoming , Clan Wars 2. In a new video, Supercell goes over some of the new features to be added in Clan Wars 2, such as Duels, Clan War Leagues, and, for the first time ever, PvE content.

PvE combat is part of the all-new Clan Wars 2 boat battle feature. In this mode, players will sailing their “Clan Boat” down a river with their fellow classmates battling and earning loot for all members of the . One of the battle types is a PvE Boat Battle, where players take on others’ automated defenses or set up their own.

Another new mode in Clan Wars 2 is the Duels mode. Details about this PvP mode are still limited, but Supercell says that players are “going to need a couple decks to master” the mode. Supercell also says that this is the most epic mode yet in Clash Royale.

Finally, there’s the Clan Wars League. Again, there’s a lot of detail left out of this mode’s announcement. But it’s clearly intended to be the heart of Clash Royale‘s competitive element, post-Clan Wars 2. Supercell makes clear that for players who have their eye on the game’s biggest rewards, Clan Wars League is the mode to watch for.

Supercell also describes some of its goals with the Clan Wars 2 update. Namely, that it wants all cards to be useful in different capacities going forward. Also, that it wants players of all experience levels to have fun in Clash Royale. Players will see if Supercell has delivered when Clan Wars 2 arrives in August.

Clash Royale is available now on iOS and Android devices.

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