COD Mobile Season1 new order update with 3 vs 3 gunfight

: Mobile just received its Season 1 New Order update on 27 January with 3 vs 3 gunfight. The official Twitter handle of the game said how the new update will come “packed with new weapons and operators”.

New Order will bring a new original Multiplayer map to the mix, alongside a 3 versus 3 gunfight, a 20-player ‘Attack of the Undead’, and an all new Blitz Battle Royale mode.

According to a blog by Call of Duty, New Order comes aided with a brand new Battle Pass. This sports as many as 50 tiers of free and premium content in terms of getting new characters, new weapons, blueprints, charms, and other benefits. Gamers will get a chance to win and use a lot of weapons as they make their way up to the tier 50.

The blog introduced enthusiasts to one of the new weapons that have been added to the CoD universe. The FR. 556 is a “free base weapon unlocked at Tier 21”. It is an assault rifle that will perform well at medium-to-long range. The firm claims that FR. 556’s “burst fire capability makes it a surprisingly good weapon for long-range fights”.

The blog also gives a glimpse into an Operator Skill, namely Gravity Vortex Gun which can be bagged at Tier 14, some tacticals like the Flashbang Grenade that are up for grabs along with plenty of free credits.

Buying the Battle Pass will bring gamers close to experiencing “cyberpunk style character skins”. For example, there is FTL for Power Line, Spectre for Chrome, Prophet for Geist, and David Mason for Enforcer. The post also introduced gamers to a new Marksman Rifle called the SKS which is going to be available in mid-February.

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