How to Craft Primal & Classic Weapons in Fortnite Season 6

Upgrading is nothing new in , but Season 6 has introduced a new mechanic that’ll allow players to take regular, makeshift and turn them into something much more powerful.

Whether you want to go for a stronger, Primal weapon versus something like a regular Pump Shotgun remains up to you, and you can actually upgrade down whatever path you’d like.

We know how popular the Pump Shotgun is, and that’s likely part of the reason Epic brought it back for the v16.00 update.

However, you don’t have to craft your Makeshift Shotgun into the Pump, but you’ll want to turn it into something because just having two bullets in a clip won’t get you very far.

Here’s how it all works.

How to Craft Primals

One of the first things you might notice upon loading up Season 6, aside from the new map, is that animals can now be found on the map.

These animals are actually the key to unlocking the ability to craft Primals, so you’ll need to hunt them down. Hunting the various wildlife will give you animal bones which will then be used to make things like the Primal Shotgun. Just open your inventory and go over to the crafting tab to see what you need.

Primals dish out more damage than other guns and they seem to be the most popular types of upgrades so far this season.

Of course, that could change over time, but it looks like they are the early favorites. On the other hand, if you’re not a huge fan of change, you might be interested in learning how to make the Pump Shotgun.

It’s pretty much the same thing, but instead of Animal Bones, you’ll want to get metal parts. Here’s how that works.

How to Craft Classic Weapons

If you’re a fan of the Assault Rifles, Pump Shotgun, or Revolver, then you might want to go down the traditional upgrade path.

These will be the guns that you’ve come to know and love over the years. If you want something you can trust, then this is what you’ll want to craft.

Mechanical parts are used to upgrade Makeshift if you go down this path. You can get these parts by breaking down cars, forklifts and tractors. These things can be found all over the map, but there are definitely recommended places to be.

For example, finding a junkyard area on the map will give you all the materials you need, while landing in a place like Pleasant Park might prove difficult for upgrading your Makeshift Shotgun to a Pump.

Don’t Forget Bows

Bows are now back in the game and they pretty much fill the massive void left with the removal of Sniper Rifles.

These can be upgraded in the same way as all the other guns, so they will be worth checking out. If you haven’t been a fan of the bows in the past, it’ll be important to gie them another try since they are all you have for long-range fights.

You can even get Flame or Shockwave bows, so there’s something that could fit any playstyle.

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