Crazy In-Depth Survival Game SCUM is hitting Early Access this Month

, the highly technically detailed survival-action game is launching on Steam Early Acces on August 29th. The open-world multiplayer game made headlines with its unprecedented detail on survival mechanics. Check out the release date trailer.

There’s no way around it. Multiplayer survival battle-royale games are the hot stuff at the moment. No matter where you look, from small developers to the biggest names in gaming, everyone is following the trend, hoping to achieve another stellar success in the vein of PUBG or Fortnite.

Gamepires, a relatively small and unknown developer is trying to stand out in the ever-crowded market not with trying to appeal to a large as possible crowd by offering simple gameplay mechanics but instead doubling down on systemic complexity, rarely found on this scale, survival game or not.

Overview on SCUM’s metabolism stats

Indeed, only a small look at video features SCUM has received about its metabolism or stealth mechanics (among others) is enough to realize the developers are not joking around. SCUM is on its best way to become the defacto alpha male among its multiplayer survival peers, at least in the depth on offer.

It may seem overkill to put even the teeth count into account but the truth is, we haven’t really seen a game which focused on so many little details, so it is hard to gauge how the final game will play out. While some mechanics sound tedious, in concert with more comprehensible mechanics, like not being able to see enemies while being behind cover in third-person view, sound like strokes of genius to level the playing field among players in third or first-person view.

Gamepires looks to hedge their bets by offering an insanely detailed and deep true sandbox, not only in a game map sense but also in the way players can build their game characters. Whether you want to become a traditional gunman or a silent scavenger, the mechanics should offer you a way to realize it.

SCUM will be availbe on Steam as an Early Access title on August 29.

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