Custom sexy maids and international representation

Steam has revealed its top-selling games of July. And like last month, the list features a ton of Early Access games along with a handful of indies and big-name releases. The list also has a large number of devs who are releasing their first game ever on Steam.

“Early Access titles continue to be heavily represented,” the Steam team wrote in a blog post. “A total of nine games are either releasing into or launching out of Early Access. We’re also seeing more debuts this month from developers releasing their very first games on Steam. Killsquad, Iratus: Lord of the Dead, Love³, Nowhere Prophet, Order Maid 3D2, Swords & Souls: Neverseen, and Streets of Rogue are all Steam firsts from their respective development teams.”

The top-games list also has a lot of from all over the world.

“Speaking of developers, we were pretty excited to see how diverse their global was this month,” reads Steam’s note. “The development teams responsible for these games are based out of 13 different countries spread across five continents.”

And that diversity seems possible because of Steam’s huge number of registered users with very different tastes. The top 20 features games about building factories and managing supply chains, but it also has games about customizing your own maid. The store really does have something for everybody.

You can see all of the top-selling games on this special Steam page.

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