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Without a doubt, many Darksiders 3 fans were hoping to see THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games show off the forthcoming action-adventure title at E3 2018 in some capacity, but the publisher and developer instead opted to skip this year’s expo in favor of watching the World Cup. While this was disappointing for many players looking forward to the release, the companies have made up for its absence at the industry event by finally confirming the title’s release date as November 27, 2018.

In addition to revealing the launch date, THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games have also put out a brand new trailer depicting Darksiders 3‘s protagonist Fury obliterating any enemy she comes into contact with in the game. Although the clip’s only a little bit longer than a minute, the publisher and developer detail several different weapons, supernatural abilities, and elemental forms that players can utilize as Fury.



With THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games having now established Darksiders 3‘s release date, the publisher and developer have decided that now is the best time to also unveil the forthcoming game’s Collector’s and Apocalypse Editions. The former will set players back a steep $150, while the latter will cost a huge chunk of change at a whopping $400. Those interested in learning what the special packages for the title contain would do well to check out the contents of the premium versions in the above images.

All of the gameplay footage shown off thus far depicts Darksiders 3 as a competent hack-and-slash action-adventure title, it will be interesting to see if fans of the franchise will agree that it stacks up as worthy successor to the first to games once it comes out later this year. Of course, as players count down the days until Darksiders 3‘s release, THQ Nordic and Gunfire Games will surely provide more details about the title until it drops this fall.

Darksiders 3 is set to launch on November 27, 2018 for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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