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Upcoming free-to-play title Dauntless experienced some issues with its open beta a few short months ago, with players having long wait times and crashes. Since then, things have been fixed and even more players have been joining.

Phoenix Labs, the developer behind the game, announced that the open beta for Dauntless has now surpassed 2 million players. It has only been available since May 24th, so that is quite the number to hit in less than two months time. This must be exciting news for the studio to know their game is this popular, even though it is still in beta.

For those unaware, Dauntless is a cooperative action-RPG that is very reminiscent of Monster Hunter games. While the game definitely feels like Capcom’s popular action-RPG series with its fights against large monsters – dubbed behemoth’s in Dauntless‘ case – it manages to set itself apart.

dauntless coop screenshot

Firstly, is the art style. Dauntless goes for more of an animated look as opposed to the realistic take on graphics in Monster Hunter World. The game also focuses more on combat than tracking the behemoths, though players will still need to search for the monsters to start the fight, or if it runs away to another part of the map. The combat is also a little easier to get into than the Monster Hunter games. Dauntless is looking to add to that niche genre that Capcom’s series currently, and almost solely, occupies.

Dauntless was announced a few years ago, and went into closed beta last year. Those who purchased founder’s packs were able to get access to it, while the new open beta is completely free for anyone to sign up for. It’s currently only set to release on PC. Phoenix Labs have stated in the FAQs on the game’s website that, while it is not currently planning console versions of the game, the studio will “never say never” to the potential.

Not only has Dauntless hit this player milestone in the beta, the studio also announced that new content would be making its way to the beta next month. Labelled The Coming Storm, the new patch will drop on August 9th, and full patch notes and details on it can be viewed here.

Dauntless is expected to launch in 2018 as a free-to-play title on PC.

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