Days Gone Update Fixes PS4 Crash Bug

Throughout its launch weekend, Bend Studio’s Days Gone has already received myriad patches concerning a number of reported gameplay bugs, frame rate issues, and audio fixes being required. It turns out the latest patch, version 1.06, created more issues than it solved and forced the developer to revert those actions in order to proceed with general fixes.

For a few days, players had reported audio issues with Days Gone which hadn’t been fixed in version 1.04 when it went live over the weekend. Along with the noted audio problems, where audio would drop out whenever players equipped a new engine or exhaust to Deacon’s motorcycle, auto-saves could now be uploaded to cloud storage. It turns out the latter adjustment has caused some user’s PlayStation 4 consoles to crash within minutes of playing with the newest .

In response to the new problem, Sony Bend Studio has posted on the official Days Gone reddit account that update 1.07 has now removed the auto-save function added in the previous patch, so as to not cause any more system failures. This isn’t the first time Bend Studio has had to remove a feature in its newest game though, as player choices in Days Gone had been cut from a number of key narrative points in the story.

Even with the amount of issues Days Gone has had in its first week after launch, it’s not the only exclusive to receive the same treatment of rapid-fire patch updates. Within the first 10 days of God of War launching last April, the game received nearly twenty updates itself, showing there’s only so much that QA testing can find and fix, given the scope of open-world games such as these two. It’s also worth noting Days Gone producer Christopher Reese stated the open-world Oregon and Deacon St. John’s story would push the PlayStation 4 to its limits, which could be a reason for some of these underlying issues.

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It appears Bend Studio will continue making the necessary fixes it needs for Days Gone, as the developer has future DLC plans in the coming months to prepare for. New content, which will likely arrive in June, includes a brand new “Survival” difficulty, severely limits the player by removing fast travel and the radar map, as well as new challenges in the forms of Freaker hordes, bikes, and combat. This gives players at least a month to through the more than 30-hour story of Days Gone before the new content arrives.

Days Gone is available exclusively for PlayStation 4

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