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A new summertime event has kicked off in Dead by , one that will seem familiar to veteran players. The Scorching Summer BBQ event is now live, and runs through August 21, and will net Dead by Daylight players some -themed cosmetics in the process.

The Scorching Summer BBQ event works essentially the same as past events, like the Howling Grounds event that celebrated the Lunar New Year. The event goals are based on player role, whether they are the killer or one of the survivors. Killers need to hook players on Grill Hooks instead of the standard meat hooks to earn Survivor Chops. Killers net a Survivor Chop for the first time they hook a player on one of the special hooks.

Survivors must complete repairs on Frozen Cocktail Machines to net every survivor one Frosty Margarita. Each map spawns with two Grill Hooks and two Cocktail Machines.

dead by daylight scorching summer bbq event cosmetic rewards

Players can boost the number of Grill Hooks and Frozen Cocktail Machines by burning BBQ Invitation offerings acquired from the Bloodweb. They can be found on any of the many killers and survivors’ bloodwebs, so character choice is not important. Once players burn the offering, they will earn bonus bloodpoints if they complete the Summer BBQ objectives. Players will see on-screen how many of either the Chops or Margaritas they need, and once they reach that goal they will unlock the “Free Songbird” slip dress for survivor Kate Denson, and killers will earn the “Pro-Pain Hammer” for the Hillbilly. Note, these have to be completed in public matches.

After players earn their cosmetic items, completing more BBQ offerings will net bonus bloodpoints that players can either spend leveling up characters or save for whatever the next Dead by Daylight killer will be. Players have until the end of the month to earn these items, so it’s plenty of time to rack up bonus bloodpoints as well. While the event is nothing new, it’s nice to see some limited-time events in the ever-evolving Dead by Daylight.

Dead by Daylight is available now on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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