Dead or Alive 6: How to Unlock Phase 4

or 6 features a large roster of characters, including both new and returning fighters. While most of the fighters in  or Alive 6 are available in the base game, there are some that are only available through other methods at launch, including the popular character Phase 4.

For the uninitiated, Phase 4 is a clone of Dead or Alive 6 character Kasumi, who first appeared in Dead or Alive 5. To Phase 4 in Dead or Alive 6, players have to purchase the digital deluxe edition of the game, which retails for $80, $20 more than the standard version's asking price. At some point, it's likely that Phase 4 will be available for separate purchase, but at the time of this writing, it appears as though the only way to unlock her is by purchasing the digital deluxe edition of the game.

Not even those who bust out their wallet for the expensive, nearly $100 Season Pass 1 will get Phase 4. Instead Season Pass 1 seems to mainly include alternate costumes, like the Happy Wedding costume sets, in addition to some DLC characters from The King of Fighters 14.

Meanwhile, there is another locked character available at launch that can't be unlocked through in-game methods. That character is Nyotengu, who was a pre-order bonus for any version of the game. Unlike Phase 4, Nyotengu can be purchased separately from digital storefronts right now, and she costs $3.99 for anyone interested.

dead or alive 6 kasumi happy wedding dlc

As some might expect, Dead or Alive 6 has already caught some flack for locking launch characters beyond paywalls. It's technically possible for a Dead or Alive 6 fan to buy the expensive digital deluxe edition of the game right now and still be missing Nyotengu because they didn't pre-order, which has rubbed some fans the wrong way.

Considering the fact that Dead or Alive 5 ended its run with over $1,000 in DLC purchases, it's unlikely that Dead or Alive 6 will change its tune. Fans can pretty much expect the game to be bombarded with more DLC offerings in the coming months and years, and for Koei Tecmo to eventually sell a Season Pass 2, that may include even more new characters.

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