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Not too long ago, the 1.2.3 Update for Destiny 2 brought several changes that fans of the science fiction shooter have been asking for, including more exotic catalysts, better Escalation Protocol drop rates, and bounties. What’s more is that Guardians are now discovering that the video game developer has made a specific alteration with the latest patch that also makes Escalation Protocol weapons even more unique from one another.

As pointed out by the Redditor and Destiny 2 fan known as “zchvns”, all of the IKELOS weapons in the game now have unique firing sounds to make each of the firearms more aesthetically distinct from each other. While a lot of other Guardians have certainly noticed this change too, a quick scan of the action-RPG sequel’s official subreddit shows that not many players are too keen on how some of the guns sound now.


For starters, one user described the sound effect used for Destiny 2‘s Escalation Protocol shotgun as a noise that’s reminiscent to “poking holes in paper” and another said it’s like hearing a t-shirt cannon. This led to a lot of others chiming in to agree that they enjoyed the old shotgun sound much better. Plus, it seems like the way in which the SMG fires now doesn’t sound realistic anymore to some, as one Redditor said it “sounds like a toy”.

Of course, whenever developers make slight tweaks and changes to technical effects like Bungie has with the sound of Destiny 2‘s Escalation Protocol weapons, it’s safe to say that not everyone is going be pleased with the results. While there’s obviously a vocal opposition to the audio alteration of Escalation Protocol’s gun shots, one could also argue that there may be an equal amount of players who actually enjoy the changes, but simply aren’t voicing their opinion. After all, the aforementioned “zchvns” said the changes “sound awesome”, indicating that this issue is totally subjective.

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

Source: Reddit

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