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Bungie took Destiny 2 fans by surprise today when they unveiled a new hidden exotic quest on Io. The Whispers quest seemed to unlock today, and is perhaps one of the most complex and interesting quests Bungie has crafted in Destiny history. While exploring the mysterious Vex-themed cavern, there are five hidden chests that Destiny 2 players will want to snag.

These chests only appear in the Heroic version of The Whispers, which unlocks on the Io map after completing the regular version. Completing the regular mission will reward players with the Whispers of the Worm exotic sniper rifle, which is the Destiny 2 version of Black Spindle (or more specifically its original incarnation the Black Hammer).

Complete the Heroic Mission First

Players will want to save the chests until they have run the Heroic version once already, since completing the quest for the first time grants players Whisper’s catalyst. The chests grant Blighted Essence progress for the catalyst once per chest per week, so make sure to have the catalyst before running through the chests.

Where to Find the Chests

The first chest is located shortly after dropping through the Blight-covered hole in the Lost Sector. After reaching the red hallway, players can look down and see the red path that leads further into the maze. However, if players look just above the red ledge, they will see a faintly-lit hole in the wall. Jump in that hole to claim the first chest which is surrounded by Vex bodies.

Chest number two is located in the portal room, where players must choose the right portal to progress further into the maze. Normally players would take the top right portal in the back. However, if players follow the path right next to the correct portal, it takes them left into a hidden passage which contains the second chest. Alternatively, if players take the top left portal in the back, it will also drop them to the chest.

After entering the crater room, with the hole filled with shadow Thrall, players should hug the left wall until they see a hole in the wall. Following that path leads to a room with some dead Vex and the third chest. Climbing up toward the top of the room will put players on the path to the fourth chest. Along the right side of the room (when entering the room), there is a hole in the wall that players will need to slide down the wall to get to. It should be along the path that players take to get to the next area.

The final chest is in the vast room with the Vex gate. Normally players would go left to progress deeper into the maze, however going right takes players toward the Vex gate. Behind the Vex gate is a large, thin pillar that players must jump to. Climbing up the pillar just to the right of the Vex gate may be helpful to get some extra height. A lit-up crack in the wall is where players must go to get the fifth chest. After clearing the rest of the mission, players should be around 34% for their exotic catalyst progress.

What first seemed to be a simple hidden exotic quest is shaping up to be much more than fans were anticipating. Since the mission is set at 400 power level, players will either need to be cautious or wait until Solstice of Heroes to get to a higher power level. Regardless, it seems that there may yet be more for fans to chase after in this mysterious quest.

Destiny 2: Forsaken launches September 4 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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