Destiny 2 Improving Clan Weekly Raid Bounty System in Season 5


Although 2: Forsaken introduced a lot of improvements into the game, one change that has not been very well received involves XP, ranks, and bounties. Previously, players could earn XP for their simply by completing any activity but in Year 2 Bungie went to a -based . The only way for players to contribute XP toward their clan and to rank up their clan was by completing daily bounties and weekly bounties.

The good news is that Bungie has already increased the amount of XP that a daily Destiny 2 clan bounty contributes but there emerged a bigger problem once clans started hitting rank 4. As it turns out, the challenges were also tied to a clan bounty and only clans at rank 4 or higher could pick them up for a chance at extra loot. Thankfully, that system is changing with 5.

Moving forward, anyone that has unlocked the last wish raid will be able to claim the raid challenge bounty, regardless of their clan’s rank. So those players that want earn the Rivensbane title and seal but were restricted by their clan finally have a chance to do so.

With the release of Destiny 2 Update 2.1.0 on November 27, all players who have access to the Last Wish raid will be able to claim its weekly bounty from Hawthorne in the Tower Bazaar.

During Season of the Outlaw, players needed to have achieved Clan Rank 4 to unlock Hawthorne’s weekly bounty. In Season of the Forge, this bounty will be available to all players who have unlocked the Last Wish raid, regardless of clan rank.

Bungie’s changes to clans in Destiny 2 were always somewhat confusing and the bounty system only made things worse. It limited how quickly players could unlock their clan XP powerful engram and for those with smaller clans (or clans without a lot of active players) it limited them even further.

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No doubt Bungie is looking into ways to bring a balance to clans in Destiny 2. Hopefully, there will come a solution that allows clans with fewer members to reach the highest rank without diminishing the value of a clan that hits rank 6 as soon as possible. But most importantly, it’s important for Destiny 2 not to lock content that was previously available to everyone – like raid challenges – behind this clan bounty system.

Destiny 2 is out now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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