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There are a lot of changes coming to Destiny 2 with patch 1.2.3, which includes at least one major adjustment to Heroic Adventures, where one troublesome modifier is getting the axe.

Over the past day, the community manager for Bungie, dmg04, has been spilling the beans on the upcoming Destiny 2 patch ahead of its release. He is not doing it without a price, however. After linking to the GuardianCon charity stream, he promised information for donations. Once a certain threshold was passed, he would offer up a part of the patch notes.

According to one of this posts, Momentum will be removed from Heroic Adventures in the upcoming patch. Momentum is a modifier that forces players to keep moving to regenerate health and shields, which will be disabled if they are standing still. Sprinting will regenerate both more quickly. This frustrating modifier made it difficult to stay behind cover, as players had to keep moving to stay alive. Bungie apparently agrees that it is just too much for Guardians, and is planning to nix it — at least for Heroic Adventures, that is.

destiny 2 tangled shore preview forsaken bungie

Speaking of previews, Bungie recently provided an early look at the Tangled Shore, a new area where Guardians will be spending most of their time in the upcoming Forsaken expansion. This early look can be viewed through a video posted to Game Informer, where there are tours of various locations, as well as gameplay. The story takes a decidedly darker turn in the expansion, and this new area reflects that change quite well. Even those narrating the video discuss how serious the tone becomes after the expansion’s introductory segments.

As for who the big bad is in the upcoming expansion, raid team lead Joe Blackburn recently teased the Destiny community with a hint at the identity of the final raid boss in Forsaken. He did not offer much, however, simply stating that the foe Guardians will be facing is both female and pretty. Of course, Mara Sov is likely the first character to come to mind for many players. Her death was left ambiguous during the Taken King expansion, and many speculate that she will return; especially since her brother, Prince Uldren, is a major character in Forsaken.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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