Destiny 2 Relay Defender Glitch Gives Players Massive Damage Boost in Raid

Destiny 2 players have discovered yet another that helps Guardians get extra damage. In the case of this most recent glitch, the trick helps players get bonus during the Garden of Salvation . It does require some setup and some mods, but the glitch itself is very useful for Destiny 2 players.

Get Relay Defender Mods

The first key to the glitch is having both the Relay Defender and Enhanced Relay Defender mods. To get these mods, players must hope to get lucky when opening either of the two secret chests in the Garden of Salvation raid. There are a handful of mods that can drop from these chests, so it may take a few runs to get the Relay Defender ones.

For those that might not know, the Relay Defender mod gives players bonus damage anytime they are near (within 5 meters) an active relay. The mods can stack on their own, but this glitch gives Destiny 2 players the mods’ buffs even when they are not nearby a relay.

Once players have both Relay Defender and Enhanced Relay Defender, they are set.

Swap Armor Sets to Stack Buffs

At any of the encounters except the first players can perform the Relay Defender glitch to get bonus damage. First, stand near an active relay and put on a full set of armor with Enhanced Relay Defender mods on each. Then swap to a full set of armor with the basic Relay Defender mods on each piece. Back away from the relay and then walk back towards it.

If done correctly, you should have Enhanced Relay Defender x2 and Relay Defender x2. It’s possible to get more of each buff but what makes this Destiny 2 glitch so special is that the buff persists as long as players don’t die. They can walk anywhere in the Garden of Salvation raid encounter and deal 33% extra damage. And then if you do have Enhanced Relay Defender mods on armor, you will get even more of the buff when standing near an active relay.

This glitch might not seem significant but it can help those Destiny 2 raid teams that are struggling to do damage to the final raid boss, Sanctified Mind. The extra 33% damage is huge when using a weapon like Izanagi’s Burden with the catalyst, just look at this group of 3 players beat the boss in 1 phase.

Of course, this glitch likely won’t last much longer, as Bungie is well aware of it by now. So for those Destiny 2 players who don’t mind cheesing an encounter – like making the Consecrated Mind fall off the map – then give this a try.

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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