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Following on the heels of Dead Orbit’s faction rally victory and the exciting new E3 2018 reveals regarding Destiny 2: Forsaken, Bungie isn’t letting players rest as the Iron Banner has once again returned. Thankfully, all progress from the first round of Season 3 carries over, so for players who have not yet finished all of the challenges and ornament unlocks will get another opportunity to do so.

E3 gave fans plenty of new information about Forsaken and how it’s the biggest Destiny expansion in the history of the franchise, even eclipsing the popular Taken King update from September 2015. Naturally, the PlayStation 4 version of the game is getting timed exclusive content in the form of loot and an extra strike to go with the three that all platforms get. As for Xbox and PC players, the original year 1 Destiny 2 timed content will also be unlocked including class gear sets, the Lake of Shadows strike, the Borealis exotic sniper rifle, and other exclusive gear from Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions.

destiny 2 forsaken bigger than the taken king

As it is Tuesday, the weekly content has reset in the Destiny 2 world. We’ve put together this complete list of activities for the week of June 19 including details on the new Nightfall, where to find the Flashpoint, tips for finishing the Leviathan Raid challenge and everything else inside this reset.

Nightfall Strike Details

Nightfall Strike: Tree of Probabilities

Nightfall Challenges:

  • To earn Unbroken, the fireteam needs to complete the Nightfall with fewer than three deaths.
  • Laser Challenge: Take 5 or Fewer Hits from the Lasers in Atlas Grove

Nightfall Reward: DFA Hand Cannon

Flashpoint Location and Treasure Maps

Flashpoint Location: Mars

The Flashpoint is located on Mars this week, which means those that didn’t purchase the latest DLC are locked out. For Warmind owners, head to Mars and take part in any of the public events that appear there. Make sure to trigger heroic modifiers to not only earn more rewards but to finish the weekly quest a little faster than normal. When the milestone reached 100% head back to the Tower and speak to Cayde to earn his Luminous Engram for the week. It’s worth noting that Escalation Protocol missions do not count towards this milestone.

destiny 2 forsaken teaser trailer

Like the Flashpoint, treasure chests are once again locked to expansion players only. Even though there are only three this week, the treasure inside each one is randomized and could be anything from lesser rare gear to the more interesting exotic engrams or emblems. To get started, purchase the three maps through Cayde at the Tower which will place markers on the Mars map next time players visit the region.

Here are the general treasure locations on Mars:

Aurora Breach

  • Fast travel to the Braytech Futurescape location and run through the main building where Ana Bray is stationed. Head through the left door with the flickering lights and continue through the left door in the next room. Once inside Aurora Breach (after additional running along the path) look for the chest on the right side of the room with the hanging Warsat that requires players to jump over.

Braytech Futurescape

  • Fast travel into the Futurescape and head to the right down the path back towards Glacial Drift. This chest can be found sitting inside of a small storage container along the path.

Olympus Descent

  • After spawning into Glacial Drift, immediately head to the left and follow the path into the cave which heads south.  From here, the path is fairly linear so continue to run or fight through the Hive until the path leads back outside. Follow the path that continues to lead higher up the elevation and through a narrow path that wraps around the mountain. The chest can be found around the corner.

Leviathan Raid Encounter Order/Weekly Challenge

The weekly refresh also changes up the Leviathan Raid encounter order, keeping the experience fresh for veteran players while also helping newer players who may not have been able to play through the entire encounter.

This week, the challenge is located in the Pleasure Gardens guarded by the Cabal war hounds. For a leg up on the Cabal, make sure to consult our Pleasure Gardens challenge guide which details a walkthrough of the area as well as tips and tricks for getting through it.

Raid order for June 19:

  • Royal Pools (Baths)
  • Gauntlet
  • Pleasure Gardens – Challenge
  • Calus

destiny 2 forsaken will give players a character boost

Crucible Milestone and Weekly Playlist

Call to Arms – Win glory by participating, getting kills, and finishing PvP matches from any of the Crucible PvP playlists. Finish the milestone and return to Shaxx to earn his weekly engram.

Weekly Crucible Playlist – 6v6 Iron Banner Control

Heroic Strike Milestone

Heroic Strikes – Complete 3 heroic strikes.

For players looking for more of a challenge when playing strikes, the Heroic Strikes playlist is the way to go in Destiny 2. Players above the minimum recommended power level of 350 have an opportunity to score better loot at the end of the mission. Complete three of these this week to earn a powerful loot engram.

And that’s all for this week. Good luck, Guardians!

Destiny 2 is available now for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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