Destiny 2: Year 2 Armor Will Get Random Stats in Season 6

Practically since its introduction, Destiny 2 has had a problem with balancing the utility of with its aesthetics. While some armor sets can look cool they oftentimes don’t give the stat boosts that players are looking for. Luckily, that will change in 6: of the Drifter.

As revealed by Destiny 2 community manager DMG, Year 2 armor in the game will soon get randomized stats. So, instead of one armor set favoring mobility and another favoring resilience, all pieces have a chance of rolling either mobility, resilience, or recovery.

This is a huge boost for Destiny 2 players who have been asking for this change practically since the game’s release. Hunters especially have suffered the plight of getting a cool armor set but finding that it favors mobility and is, therefore, less viable.

While the mobility, recovery, and resilience stats don’t drastically change a player’s experience in Destiny 2, they can be very useful. Most players like to max out their recovery so that their shield recharges as quickly as possible, meaning they can jump back into a fight after ducking out for a bit. Recovery is a huge stat for PvP players because it helps them prepare for the next firefight after taking on a tough opponent.

titan holding recluse

To be fair, mobility and resilience have their places in Destiny 2 but most importantly this gives players options. It was very deflating to see a cool new armor set revealed, like last season’s Iron Banner armor, only to discover it favors mobility. Now any armor sets players acquire – outside of those that drop from Year 1 experiences – can roll any combination of mobility, resilience, and recovery.

As well, players can focus on chasing the armor set that they like the look of rather than the one that fits their preference. The change should come in handy when chasing the new Gambit Prime armor sets, which favor four specific roles in the new mode coming with the Joker’s Wild DLC add-on.

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