Destroy All Humans Trailer Shows Disintegrator Ray Weapon

A new trailer for the anticipated Destroy All Remake shows off the , one of the game’s most iconic weapons.

While the Destroy All Humans remake may not be the biggest game of the year, it’s something fans have wanted for a long time, and with the game releasing later this month, there isn’t too much longer to wait. Luckily for those anxiously awaiting the chance to cause chaos as Crypto, a new Destroy All Humans trailer has been released, and it shows off one of the most iconic weapons in the game.

The trailer, while brief, gives players a good look at the Disintegrator Ray. As the name implies, the weapon is capable of disintegrating enemies, or in some cases, causing them to burst into flames. It’s one of the key pieces of Crypto’s arsenal, and certainly one of the most versatile weapons in the game.

So far, Destroy All Humans remake gameplay has been impressive, offering a touched-up version of the classic game. It boasts a sort of Grand Theft Alien vibe, where players are given a broad toolset to cause chaos and destruction throughout Earth. It isn’t clear if the other entries in the franchise will receive remakes, though it’s likely something fans would want to see.

So far, Destroy All Humans has released a healthy dose of content to fans, including numerous trailers and a gameplay demo. Most recently, the Dependance Day trailer released, giving players one of the best looks at Crypto in action yet. There’s a chance that other weapons will be shown off in the leadup to launch, similar to the Disintegrator Ray. Crypto’s arsenal is pretty broad, and includes a flying saucer, so the developers have quite a bit to choose from.

Plus, the Destroy All Humans remake will be longer than the original, so players should have a decent amount of content to enjoy when the game finally launches. It’s releasing fairly close to Ghost of Tsushima, so it will have some respectable competition, but that shouldn’t stop it from finding an audience.

All that aside, the Disintegrator Ray looks like fun, which is vital for a game like Destroy All Humans. There’s still plenty to look forward to when the game launches, but this should hold fans over for now.

Destroy All Humans Remake will release on July 28, 2020, for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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