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Destiny Raid Team Lead Joe Blackburn carefully teased the community this week, revealing a small detail about the upcoming Forsaken raid. While he didn’t give anything completely away, Blackburn did confirm that the final boss is a female and is “pretty.”

On its face, this doesn’t seem like much but it certainly helps support some theories running in the Destiny 2 community ahead of the Forsaken expansion’s launch. Given that Bungie has said the upcoming raid will tie into the larger story of the expansion, many have made predictions about who (or what) could be the big bad in the endgame encounter. Now that we know it’s a female, there are a few selections that stand out.

First and foremost is Mara Sov, the Awoken Queen last seen in the intro to The Taken King expansion. Her brother, Prince Uldren is a key character in Forsaken, so it only makes sense that she make an appearance somewhere. However, having her as a raid boss suggests more villainous intent, and many assume that Uldren, and by extension Sov, are not operating purely out of malicious intent.

Queen Mara Sov The Taken King

The other major candidate that fits the description is Savathun, Oryx’s sister and a character often referenced in Destiny lore. Fans have been waiting a long time to see how Savathun would factor into the story and there are many clues suggesting it might finally be time for her to make an appearance. Of course, Hive aren’t what one would call “pretty,” but it’s possible Blackburn is being cheeky using that adjective.

There are other possibilities for the Destiny 2: Forsaken raid boss, like a female Ahamkara for example, but many are putting their money down on the Queen or Savathun (or Oryx’s other sister Xivu Arath) right now. It’s also possible that this female character is not a part of existing Destiny lore and is a new creation for the raid. But one has to imagine Joe Blackburn made this tease for a reason; Bungie always chooses its wording carefully.

destiny 2 cinematic uldren

To better understand what the tattoo element means, it’s important to give some context. Currently, the GuardianCon convention is running a pre-show charity marathon to benefit St Jude’s Children Hospital. Various content creators are taking on 4-hour blocks to enlist their communities to help raise money towards an overall goal while offering fun incentives like prizes and “punishments.”

Among the content creators is the Destiny Community Podcast, which raised a staggering amount in just the first three hours of its block. And so, to help see how far they could push things, one of the DCP members, Holtzman, made a bold promise that he would get a tattoo in an unconventional place if the community could double its total before the 4 hours was over. Then this happened.

So when Joe Blackburn is referencing the tattoo, he is talking about the one that Holtzman will have to get after the Destiny community turned out big. Obviously, he doesn’t have to get any particular design but, like we said, this seems more like an opportunity to tease fans rather than anything else.

Destiny 2: Forsaken releases September 4, 2018 for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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