Discord shutting down Nitro Games library since users aren’t playing them

Discord will be discontinuing the Nitro library from the Nitro subscription. After a year of operation, the subscription service won't have the catalogue of free games anymore, just for the simple reason that the majority of the weren't those games. The feature will be shut down on 15 October this year.

Discord shutting down Nitro Games library since users aren't playing them

Discord is a free voice and text chat software, targeted towards gamers. Nitro is the name of its subscription plan that gives extra features from the basic core ones in Discord. The Nitro Games library was a part of this service that offered a lot of games for free. All subscribers will be able to access the games in the library until 15 October, Discord said in a blog post.

This won't affect the games purchased by users on Discord. Developers will still be able to publish games in the store where users can buy them. Nitro Game Perks, that unlock items in games on Discord, won't be affected. The company is also giving out refunds to users who want to unsubscribe from the service because of this move.

Additionally, Discord announced that it has doubled the upload size limit to 100 MB for Nitro subscribers of the $9.99 monthly plan. It also reduced the number of boosts required to reach Level 3 from 50 to 20. Boosts allow subscribers to unlock features such as emoji slots and audio quality upgrades in their community.

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