Divinity: Original Sin 2 Gets New Quests, New Items and a New Boss

Divinity: Sin 2 has just gotten a new, free Gift Bag DLC, The Four Relics of Rivellon, that adds new , a new and some magical armour.

Announced during today’s Guerrilla Collective showcase The Four Relics of Rivellon will see you go on the hunt for four magical sets of armour, facing down new enemies (including a brand new Undead Dragon ), adding new lore to the already packed world of Divinity.

Per a Steam update, the four sets of armour will be:

  • Captain Armour – A set of armour that can dominate the minds of those around you. Each piece also boosts Lucky Charm, Persuasion and Bartering.
  • Vulture Armour – A light set of armour based off of dwarven rituals. Each part of the set enhances range and damage dealt from higher ground, while the complete set gives the wearer a pair of permanent, vulture-like wings.
  • Contamination Armour – An ancient set of armour created from magic thought lost long ago. Each piece offers resistance to poison, while the entire set grants immunity to poison along with a special ability to spawn exploding spores that will damage enemies in combat.
  • Devourer Armour – A set of armour said to make its wearer almost invincible. In combat, the armour will mark a certain target in range. Any attacks on this target cannot miss and will deal extra damage.
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