Division 2 Focusing on Critical Bugs Before World Tier 5 Release

There are many players of The Division 2 who are eagerly awaiting the promised unlocking of Tier 5 in the game, and while developer Massive Entertainment is promising that it is coming soon, it will not be released before some major are taken care of and balancing is in the right spot.

In Massive Entertainment’s first episode of its signature weekly “State of the ” stream since the launch of The Division 2, the developer said that the of the game went over with very few issues (and issues like the netcode getting fixed quickly). Massive said in this first week, it is focused on collecting information about issues from the Division 2 player base and getting issues fixed as soon as possible. Overall, the health of the game itself is taking priority before unlocking World Tier 5 in The Division 2.

While the majority of players probably are likely not ready to jump into World Tier 5 less than a week after The Division 2‘s release date – the game contains a generous amount of content to get through on the road to level 30 and beyond – there are the hardcore players who are ready to tackle the next endgame challenge. World Tier 5, which will allow players to continue to get their hands on even better gear, will begin with Tidal Basin stronghold.

the division 2 gunfire screenshoot

Right now, Tidal Basin is visible in the game and has a requirement of 425 gear score, but it remains locked. Developer Massive Entertainment did not give a concrete timeline as to when it would be done with the critical bug fixes and balancing, saying “World Tier 5 will not be released this week but soon.” Along with Tidal Basin and World Tier 5, it is safe to say that the game’s first 8-player raid will also have to wait a bit before it goes live.

In the Year 1 Content trailer for The Division 2, Tidal Basin and the raid are both the next steps on the roadmap, with it being promised “soon after launch.” Despite the vague launch window, most players seem happy with Massive’s strategy to get the game into a stable state before jumping into the next stage of the endgame with World Tier 5.

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The Division 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and One.

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