Division 2 Future Updates Include Big Changes to AI, Gear, and Weapons

With players of The Division 2 continuing to dive into its deep breadth of content, Massive Entertainment is still working on ways to improve the game, whether it be through large DLC packages or updates intended to fix nagging issues. With its recent launch of the Invasion update, which included World Tier 5, the development team began to make some fixes and plan to make broader ones in the .

In a recent community update on Reddit, Massive Entertainment shed details for The Division 2 Patch 2.1. These included fixes to the crafting bench, characters getting stuck, Revive Hive skill issues, and True Patriot set gear bonus problems.

Additionally, Massive Entertainment listed some broader plans it has for future updates. Recognizing existing issues players still face in The Division 2, Massive Entertainment gave players a general overview of the issues it is looking into:

  • Fixing availability of Henry Hayes.
  • Addressing sparse Specialization ammunition.
  • Tentative changes to Scores and sets in World Tier 5 Loot.
  • Amping up the lethality of exotic weapons.
  • Evening out the effectiveness of different talents by providing nerfs for some and buffs for others.
  • Modifying the The Division 2‘s challenging AI.
  • Fixing PvP balance issues.
  • Allowing further character customization.
  • Adding a greater variety of projects.
  • Repairing PC performance issues.

Other changes were also discussed in the community update with regards to The Division 2 build variety. Regarding concerns about underwhelming Skill builds requiring a major investment into Skill Power, Massive states that they will provide more options for low Skill Power builds and hope to improve the effectiveness of skills via the addition of skill-boosting mods and the ability to craft blue mods.

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Where tank builds are concerned, Massive stats that The Division 2 players will typically find that more damage is better because it reduces the amount of time players are out of cover. At higher difficulties, enemy damage is very high and extra time out of cover is always a risk, but that will likely change after The Division 2 developer tweaks AI behavior.

As can be seen above, Massive Entertainment has some ambitious plans moving forward. Following their controversial release of the first entry in The Division series, it’s nice to see that they are paying close attention to community reactions and player experiences in the game. Developer transparency is important when it comes to live service games, so Massive’s devotion to that will help keep players in the loop.

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