Don’t Starve Together adds another new free character with Warly

Klei Entertainment continue to support and update their incredibly stylish multiplayer survival game Don’t Together.

It’s still a popular game too, regularly pulling in nearly fifteen thousand players each day which is impressive for an indie game that’s a few years old. Especially impressive when you think about all the games that have released since April 2016! Just goes to show how fun Don’t Starve Together actually is.

Just recently, a new character named was added in free along with an animated short:

Here’s what’s available as of the latest update with Warly:

  • Warly can craft a Chef Pouch, which is a small backpack that also helps to preserve food items a little bit longer.
  • Warly can craft a Portable Crock Pot, Portable Grinding Mill, and Portable Seasoning Station, usable only by him.
  • The Portable Crock Pot cooks 25% faster and includes new exclusive dishes with unique bonuses and effects.
  • The Portable Grinding Mill can be used to craft a variety of seasoning powders.
  • The Portable Seasoning Station combines a prepared dish with seasoning powder to add bonus effects to the food.
  • Warly has an increased max hunger of 250, but it decreases 20% faster than other characters.
  • Warly can only eat prepared dishes from a Crock Pot.
  • Warly remembers the dishes he ate for up to two days and will enjoy them less every time they are repeated.
  • Added new vegetables, available to all characters: Toma Root, Potato, Asparagus, Pepper, Onion, and Garlic.
  • Added several new Crock Pot recipes, available to all characters.

Next up for DST, it seems Klei will be giving Woodie a refresh which will happen in “early September”.

I remember being completely hooked on Don’t Starve when it first came out, we also played Don’t Starve Together on the GamingOnLinux 6 year birthday livestream…which did not end well.

You can find Don’t Starve Together on Steam.


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