Doom Eternal is Getting Its Own G Fuel Energy Drinks

Energy drink company G is creating a pair of Eternal-inspired flavors, to help gamers rip and tear through some demons.

As the number of people playing video games has gone up over the years, the size of that market has drawn in an assortment of companies looking to reach new customers. Nowadays, it is quite common to have major companies sponsor streamers, or esports events, or put Pokemon cards in Happy Meals. One of the longest running collaborations between a brand and the gaming world has been with energy drink company G . The company is now setting up pre-orders for its latest flavors, inspired by Doom Eternal.

After the 2016 title revived the dormant franchise for fans, Doom Eternal delivered big, scoring high reviews and quenching fans’ thirst for adrenaline-soaked action. Doom Eternal was one of the top reviewed games of 2020, providing non-stop thrills with an arsenal of weapons and demon hordes aplenty. The franchise’s iconic place in video game lore makes it a brand that companies are interested in working with, despite the hyper-violent nature of the game.

G Fuel, recognizing Doom‘s influential status, is now collaborating with publisher Bethesda on two G flavors inspired by the new Doom Eternal DLC – The Ancient Gods Part Two. Spicy Demon’Ade is a revamped version of the original Doom-inspired G Fuel flavor, a lemonade flavor with a cayenne kick. It will be paired with Sour Demon-Ade for those looking to enjoy the lemonade flavor without the spice. The items are up for pre-order now, shipping on May 15th, and as with most limited run items these days, a kit that included a Doom shaker cup is already sold out.

When companies collaborate with video games these days, it is common for a great amount of hype to be built around whatever the collaboration might be. From clothing, to Pokemon cards, to a KFC promotion for Genshin Impact, fans turn out in droves to support the games they love. Fandom is becoming big business, with video games more of a lifestyle, instead of just a hobby, which leads to fans lining up or flooding an online store to snag some limited time merchandise.

G Fuel is known for its collaborations with esports teams, content creators like PewDiePie, and has even partnered with Sega on a Sonic the Hedgehog G Fuel flavor. As the gamer scene has grown, with more people enjoying games, and more gamers themselves holding disposable income, more products are being marketed towards gamers. An energy drink inspired by the legendary Doom Slayer is the latest part of that ever expanding market.

Doom Eternal is out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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