Dota Underlords gains a prototype Battle Pass in the latest Early Access update

Valve continue to push out some more interesting updates to their auto-battler Dota , with it now having the first version of their Battle Pass.

All beta testers during Early Access are granted it for free and like everything else in Underlords, Valve will be using it as a “learning experience”. With it you can unlock banners, emotes, new board types along with a mix of daily and weekly challenges. You can earn XP (experience points) by playing online against others or against Hardcore level bots.

Battle Passes are what seem to be gradually replacing Loot Boxes, which is actually a good thing. With a Battle Pass system, you know what you’re going to get and when you get it. It’s a much clearer system, there’s no gambling involved and so it’s just better.

That’s not all that’s new. The update came with a bunch of other improvements and fixes as well. The Scoreboard UI was improved, the accuracy of matchmaking at high skill levels was increased, alliance effects should now correctly apply to summons along with various other smaller adjustments and bug fixes. For those of you who were picking the Aegis item, it will no longer preserves streaks and only activate on damage that would be fatal.

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