Epic Games Spend $200 Million For PlayStation Exclusive PC Ports

Games appears to be reaching out to several console developers to expand the platforms of first party titles, according to leaked documents.

Some newly leaked documents reportedly coming from  Games suggest that the developer and owner of one of the largest online PC gaming storefronts is looking to pick up some console exclusives. One exclusive developer of interest to  includes Sony’s PS5 and PS4 exclusives, which have had a history of crossing over to PC after a year or so on consoles in the past.

The leak is reportedly from internal documents that suggests Epic Games’ interest in making deals for games from Sony, Microsoft, and Nintendo, specifically looking at grabbing first party titles. If true, some of what’s found in these internal documents suggests that the company is aware of the low likelihood of some of this outreach, claiming one in particular as a non-starter.

According to the documents, Epic Games has prepared an offer of $200 million to Sony for first party games that are currently exclusives to the hardware developer’s consoles. Interestingly, this is the same amount of money as Sony recently invested in Epic Games, which means the two companies would be passing around that huge sum if the deal goes through. However, it doesn’t appear that Sony has responded to the offer at the time of this writing, as the documents include the note that Epic Games is still waiting for a response.

More notes from the documents also indicate that Epic Games is looking to reach out to Microsoft and Nintendo for first party titles in addition to the large money offer to Sony. On the Microsoft side, it looks like the PC Game Pass team might not be entirely open to opening up exclusivity to the Epic Games Store. Nintendo is the one that Epic Games has labeled a non-starter or “Moonshot,” considering the developer’s previous history with 1st party exclusives.

Expanding the exclusivity of games out from a single console to both console and PC can be a great move for developers, with even God of War director Cory Barlog interested in a PC port. Additionally, Sony has been open to ports of certain exclusives, such as Days GoneHorizon: Zero Dawn, and Death Stranding, which makes Epic Games outreach understandable. These deals still appear to be in their early stages though, so it could be a while before any games start making their way from PS4 and PS5 over to the Epic Games Store.

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