Epic Games Store May Block Accounts For Buying Too Many Games

Since the Store was introduced back in December, the newest digital marketplace on PC has had to learn on the fly. Even though it offers a greater revenue split for developers, instances of email fraud, as well as back-and-forth banter between Epic Games and its main competitor, Steam, have brought questions into how the store has been handled. It turns out the store’s latest “Mega” sale has caused another issue to surface as well.

Currently, the Epic Games Store “Mega” sale is offering a $10 discount on any game that cost at least $14.99. As one could imagine, this could lead to people trying to take advantage and buy as many as possible. However, people have begun noticing if they try to buy a large number of games in a short period of time, their accounts run the risk of being blocked, with the store citing “possible fraudulent activity” as the reason.

Epic Games PR has confirmed that due to the store’s aggressive fraud rules, anyone trying to buy a lot of at once will likely run into the same issue. Those hoping to pick up a few games at discount may need to contact customer support in order to buy the games they wish, according to the PR statement, though having to take an extra step such as that is an inconvenience, as its main competitor Steam has no such restrictions.

This isn’t the first controversy to surround the Mega sale, which went live less than a week ago. One of the Epic Games Stores’ most high-profile exclusives Borderlands 3 has been removed temporarily due to pre-orders being available at a discount unintentionally. Thanks to this error, Bordelands 3 is not available for pre-order anywhere on PC as of the time of writing.

epic games blocked accounts buying games

Even though the Epic Games Store will have to continue working through its stumbles, there’s no doubting the popularity it’s gathered over just a few months is impressive. Some of the biggest games Epic Games has acquired exclusivity for include Metro Exodus and Borderlands 3. The exclusivity hasn’t hampered sales however, as Metro Exodus hasn’t suffered from being limited to one marketplace.

Epic Games also acquired Rocket League developer Psyonix Studios a couple of weeks ago, further proving the company’s push to partner with as many developers as possible. In the long term, players shouldn’t be too worried, as it’s evident the Epic Games Store will continue to improve its user features going forward. For the time being, however, they’ll have to pick and choose carefully on what games to buy.

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