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Update: This story published earlier this ahead of Disney Expo Japan 2018. It has been updated since then and is being republished in light of the latest Kingdom Hearts 3 Hero 6 trailer.

Square Enix has slowly unveiled the suite of Disney worlds set to appear in the long-awaited Kingdom Hearts III. And if you’re worried you may have missed a reveal or two throughout all those years, Tech has you covered.

Check out the gallery below for a look at every Kingdom Hearts III world — and a couple of key locations — we know of so far. And stay tuned for more updates as Square Enix inevitably reveals more in the coming months.

Updated to include the D23 Expo Japan 2018 announcement of a Kingdom Hearts 3 Monsters, Inc. world, as well as the reveals of two new worlds at E3 2018.

Stay tuned to Tech as more Kingdom Hearts 3 worlds are , as well as other new details about the game in the lead-up to its . For the latest on the upcoming sequel, check out all of the E3 2018 Kingdom Hearts 3 news so far.

And to catch up on Tech’s exclusive reporting, read about how  Director Tetsuya Nomura hinted the game may have a second playable character, updates about the magic system and Gummi Ship’s presence in , and eight other cool things we learned about at last year’s D23 expo.

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