Fall Guys Season 2 Gets New Medieval Games & Cosmetics

Fall Guys is getting all-new content as part of its upcoming 2. Developer Mediatonic revealed the medieval-themed update as part of Gamescom's Opening Night Live event today. The studio didn't reveal a release date, but it said it's putting the “finishing touches” on the and all-new minigames. So it should launch relatively soon.

In the trailer for Fall Guys 2, Mediatonic showed off some of the new stuff players can look forward to. This includes medieval-themed featuring draw bridges and castles. In one of the games, players must work together to move wooden platforms into position to climb up to the top of a massive structure. In another, players move ramps around to jump through hoops to score points. As for the cosmetics, players can expect to unlock more themed costumes. Mediatonic showed off knights, vikings, dragons, and wizards in its trailer.

Mediatonic didn't explain how it will release this content. The new stages are likely free updates, but the costumes could come as part of a battle pass or some other form of microtransaction. But it's clear that the studio knows it needs to keep things feeling fresh for Fall Guys to maintain its huge momentum. It's still one of the most popular games in the world right now, and new levels and cosmetics to unlock could ensure that players keep coming back for weeks and then months.

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