Fall Guys sells 2 million copies on Steam in under a week

Publisher Devolver Digital revealed on Twitter today that Fall : Ultimate Knockout has already sold 2 million copies on .

Fall Guys released on August 4, so it accomplished this goal just short of one week after launch. The battle royale game is also available on PlayStation 4, so its total sales are higher than 2 million. However, Fall Guys is available as a free download for PlayStation Plus subscribers this month, so not every PS4 player of the game actually bought the title.

While most battle royale games revolve around shooting mechanics, Fall Guys is more of a mix of Mario Party and comedic game shows like Most Extreme Elimination Challenge, with players often running through ridiculous obstacle courses. You play the game in rounds, with each activity eliminating players until about 10 are left. Then those remaining fight for the win.

Fall Guys has become one of the breakout games of the summer. It's both fun and silly, which makes it enjoyable to play or watch on platforms like Twitch.

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