Final Fantasy 7 Remake Image Compares Cross-Dressing Scene to Original

Final 7 Remake is making some changes, but it will be a mostly faithful adaptation of the , critically-acclaimed JRPG. Many of Final 7‘s iconic scenes will be returning in the new game, including the famous cross-dressing scene from the original, where Cloud poses as a woman to spend the night with Don Corneo. The latest Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer revealed how this scene will look with the new game’s graphics, and now fans have put together an comparing the new visuals to the original.

As was seen in the new Final Fantasy 7 Remake trailer, Aerith, Tifa, and Cloud are all dressed similar to how they were in the original game. The big difference is that Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s graphics are improved dramatically, giving a lot more detail to the characters than was ever possible before. So in both versions Cloud wore pigtails, but the new version shows each individual braid and a pair of bows to tie the hair together.

The new version also sees Aerith and Tifa decked out with more accessories than they wore in the original game. For example, Aerith has a necklace now, and Tifa’s dress has black lace that wasn’t visible in the original. Fans can compare the dresses for themselves:

The most obvious change in Final Fantasy 7 Remake is the graphics, as they are vastly superior to what fans will remember from the PS1 original. However, there are some other changes that are being made as well. For one, the story is being told in an episodic fashion, so fans won’t experience the entire FF7 plot from start to finish in the new game. This has led to some story changes, including expanded roles for certain characters and new scenes.

Some of the Final Fantasy 7 Remake changes will be met with enthusiasm from the community, whereas other changes will be criticized. For example, Square Enix has changed the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Mako Reactor explosion scene slightly to paint Shinra in a harsher light than before, which is a decision that has been met with a mixed reception.

Luckily, the wait for Final Fantasy 7 Remake is nearly over, and fans will soon find out for themselves how the changes impact the game’s quality.

Final Fantasy 7 Remake launches on April 10 for PS4.

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