Final Fantasy 7 Remake Images Show Off Tifa’s Fighting Moves

The playable cast of Final Fantasy 7  all bring their own unique fighting styles to the table. Aerith, for instance, will focus on casting spells more than any other combatant, while Cloud will focus on both quick and heavy-hitting swordplay.

As Tifa Lockhart is also a member of Final Fantasy 7 Remake‘s playable roster, she too brings her own flavor of violence to the party. And what makes her’s different from the rest of her AVALANCHE team members is its affinity for intense hand-to-hand combat.

In the past, the Final Fantasy 7 Remake Twitter account showed one of the Tifa’s fighting style can produce in the form of her Somersault Limit Break. But some recently released screenshots put a lot of her other techniques on display.

According to the Tweet, Tifa’s melee-centered fighting abilities allow her to pull off rapid-fire combos with devastating effects. And one of these combos strings together three distinctive moves: Whirling Uppercut, Omnistrike, and Rise and Fall. However, it looks like Rise and Fall didn’t make it into this batch of screenshots.

Nevertheless, this tweet had a follow up to it that displayed another ability of Tifa’s called “True Strike.” However, the tweet doesn’t go into much depth about how the move actually works. It just gives it a small description that reads, “True Stike will quickly hit enemies in front of you.” With that in mind, though, it sounds like a blitzing attack that allows players to quickly close distances between themselves and their opponents.

The tweet also mentions that Tifa will be able to finish enemies off with a powerful dive kick. Whether or not the dive kick is also apart of True Strike remains unseen, but if it isn’t, then its probably one her more basic combo finishers.

While Tifa’s Rise and Fall attack didn’t appear in all these new screenshots, it has received a showcase before. In fact, a fact a previous tweet sent out in November allowed fans to see it play out on video. Here, Final Fantasy 7 Remake Producer Yoshinori Kitase talks about how Tifa’s controls work similarly to that of a fighting game character: Her square button anchors to her light attacks and her triangle button anchors to her strong attacks. By using Tifa’s Omnistrike ability, players can upgrade Tifa’s strong attacks into the more powerful Rise and Fall. They can then take it even further and enhance Rise and Fall into “Unbridled Strength.”

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will launch for the PlayStation 4 on April 10, 2020.


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