Final Fantasy 7 Remakes Combat Takes From Another Game In The Series

This article tries to hard to find ways how FFXIII & FFVIIR have similar elements in their respective combat systems yet neglects the various other elements from previous installments FFVIIR inspiration from.

Issuing orders to your AI party members is taken from FFXII, yet that aspect is never brought up by the author.

“The next one isn’t as direct an inspiration, but both games have your characters taking on different “roles.” In 13, this takes the form of paradigms that players can switch between on the fly, changing up the skills and focus of their party members. Final Fantasy 7 Remake has a much more direct interpretation of this, with different character’s playstyles fitting different needs.”

Sounds a lot like how Fantasy X had players switch to certain party members midbattle in order to become more effective against certain types of enemies.

“Final Fantasy 13 then took this one step further by making summons an AI ally that fights alongside the character that summons them. This, once again, happens in the Final Fantasy 7 Remake, with summons being contextually based on where players are and the environment around them.”

Not only was FFXII the first mainline Final Fantasy game to have AI party members, it also introduced AI summons to the franchise.. Not to mention that but summons being situational entities that the player can’t just summon at any time is taken directly from FFXV.

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