First look at “Gran Turismo 7” coming for the Sony PlayStation 5

on Thursday revealed its highly anticipated PlayStation 5 gaming console and among the first titles announced for the new machine was “Gran 7.”

The “Gran Turismo” series of racing simulators is among the best in the business, with gamers and professional racers alike praising it for its realistic graphics and physics models, plus its vast collection of cars.

No information on the latest installment was released apart from a trailer which does provide a few clues. There are retro elements like some of the game menus, as well as options like Tuning Parts, Used Cars, Missions, and Special Events, plus the GT Cafe, GT Auto, and GT World. It also looks like Trial Mountain is returning as a track.

Some of the cars in the trailer include Mazda’s new RX-Vision GT3 virtual racer, as well as the Porsche 917 in a tasty Gulf Oil livery, and more modern racers based on the Acura NSX and C7 Chevrolet Corvette.

A release date for “Gran Turismo 7” hasn’t been announced. As for the PS5, Sony said it will be available in time for the holiday season, meaning it should reach stores by the end of the year, about the same time the rival Microsoft Xbox Series X is due. There will be two versions of Sony’s console, one known as the Digital Edition which won’t feature any disc drive and another with a built-in Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive. Prices are expected to start around $500.

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