Fletchling Community Day event in ‘Pokemon GO’ special research tasks

The Fletchling Community Day event in has special research tasks themed around Fletchling for those who buy a ticket for the event.

Pokemon GO will be hosting the Fletchling Community Day event on March 6th, 2021 from 11:00 AM to 5:00 PM in players’ local times. This event will greatly increase the spawn rates of Fletchling as well as provide players with even more bonuses.

Like many other events in Pokemon GO, the Fletchling Community Day event has special research tasks associated with it. Players can purchase a ticket to gain access to these tasks through the in-game store for $0.99 USD.

The Fletchling special research tasks are named The Bravest Bird. Players can only begin the series of tasks while the Fletchling Community Day is active, but they can finish the tasks at any time.

The Bravest Bird special research tasks has four steps with each step having three tasks. The only except for this is the fourth step which only exists to give players extra rewards. While players are not required to finish these tasks during the Fletchling Community Day, it will be easier to do so.

Step one of the Bravest Bird special research tasks is the easiest, but will still provide players with plenty of helpful rewards. These tasks are:

  • Power up Pokemon ten times – Ten Pokeballs
  • Catch 15 Fletchling – Fletchling encounter
  • Make five nice throws – 20 Fletchling candies

Completing the above tasks will reward players with 1,000 Stardust, another Fletchling encounter, and ten Pinap Berries. As mentioned previously, the task of catching 15 Fletchling will be at its easiest if players attempt to complete the task during the Fletchling Community Day. With how high Fletchling’s spawn rates will be, it will make catching 15 not a problem at all.

Up next is the second step, requiring a little more from players if they wish to reap their rewards. Players are required to:

  • Catch 15 Fletchling – 20 Fletchling candies
  • Transfer ten Pokemon – Fletchinder encounter
  • Evolve three Fletchling – 10 Pokeballs

After players finish all three tasks for the second step, they will get 1,000 XP, yet another Fletchling encounter, and 15 Great Balls. The amount of Fletchling that players have already needed to catch as well as the Fletchling candy rewards will make it easy for players to evolve three Fletchling into Fletchinder.

The last step to require players to complete tasks is step three. This will be the hardest to complete, but isn’t nearly as much as a problem as many other special research tasks. These final tasks are:

  • Make three great curveball throws – 20 Fletchling candies
  • Evolve one Fletchinder -Five Golden Razz Berries
  • Transfer ten Pokemon – Five Great Balls.

Completing all of the the third step’s tasks will give players 2,000 XP, a Rocket Radar, and ten Ultra Balls. Players will then get access to the final step which will just reward players with 3,000 XP, a Fletchling encounter, five Silver Pinap Berries, 2,000 Stardust, a Talonflame encounter, and two Rare Candies.

Pokemon GO is available on Android and iOS.

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