Fortnite Fans Say This Feature “Gives an Advantage” to PC Players

Ever since released it seems like, have been begging for one key feature to make the jump from PC to console, and so far, it looks like Epic games is remaining unconvinced that it needs to be done.

Of course, we’re talking about the option to switch off shadows on console, something that PC players have been able to do since the game came out. If you’re a PC player, one of the first things you do while trying to improve at the game is switch all the graphics settings to low in an effort to push out the highest framerate possible.

Anybody who is playing the game on Xbox, PlayStation or Nintendo Switch will not have an option to do this, which arguably puts them at a disadvantage.

It’s not necessarily a game-changing thing that will automatically make PC players better, but it does definitely help, especially when it applies to the superhero skins.

Do Shadows Make a Difference?

Console needs the addition of the removal of shadows setting. Since this game is now cross play console players will playing against pc players who have the setting to turn off shadows and most pc players have it off. With shadows off it gives an to pc players in dark places.@fortnitegame from FortNiteBR

Toggling shadows on and off will obviously make a huge difference in how you see Fortnite, but the question remains of whether or not it actually matters.

Reddit user No_Grass_4165 made a post saying PC players will have an in dark areas because of a lack of shadows, and it’s hard to dispute that. But, is this actually enough to say it’s overpowered?

For starters, turning off the shadows will make the game look a lot worse, and for many players that will turn out to be a deal-breaker. Something the Xbox Series X and PS5 are able to do is make the game look the best it has ever looked, which is something that Epic clearly put a lot of effort into.

Now, the game would still look fine without shadows, but a lot of the cool graphical features would then go to waste.

Turning off shadows on something like the Nintendo Switch could potentially make the game run better. It’s no surprise that Fortnite doesn’t run all that well on the Switch, and even if it ran perfectly, it’s still capped at 30 FPS.

Will Epic Budge?fortnite sand tunneling disabled bug

The developers haven’t outright said anything about a potential change to this recently, but it seems safe to say that no option to disable shadows will be coming in the near future.

If they did have plans on doing this, it seems like they could’ve done something in the past three years but they haven’t. While it is disappointing to hear for console players trying to close the gap with PC players, it does seem to be the bitter truth.

With cross-play being a thing in Fortnite, it does seem like this could lead to some unfair advantages, and that’s true.

However, many of the tournaments this season are going to be platform-specific, so if you’re on Xbox or PlayStation, you can rest easy knowing that everybody is dealing with the same thing you are. It’s not necessarily the answer you might be looking for, but it’s definitely a start.

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