Fortnite Primal Shotgun Nerfed After v16.10 Update

Crafting is one of the big new mechanics in Season 6 and with it comes a brand new for players to learn.

It seems like every season gives players a new to play with, and while the Pump is back, it is also joined by the Primal.

The Primal is a very powerful weapon in the right hands, and while it hasn’t exactly taken the place of the Pump in the hearts of players just yet, some people knew how powerful it really was.

As it turns out, Epic also believed the gun was a bit too powerful, so some changes came in following the v16.10 update. While it’s still a strong gun, it will no longer be as strong as it was at the start of the season.

Primal Shotgun Nerfed

Before the update arrived, Epic did let players know the fire rate of this gun would be reduced in this patch, but it was tough to say exactly by how much.

Now that the update is here, we know that it was lowered from 3.8 to 3.4 across all rarities, making it a nerf, but not exactly a massive one. Before this nerf, the Primal Shotgun was actually one of the strongest guns of all time in terms of raw damage per second. Slowing down the fire rate will definitely bring it back down to earth.

You’ll definitely feel a difference with how it felt before the update versus afterwards, but it shouldn’t cause you to throw the gun down in disgust because it sucks now.

Perhaps this will push players more in the direction of the Pump Shotgun, but it’s hard to deny the sheer power of the Primal Shotgun. It’s still very early in the season and this gun is still trying to find a place in the meta.

If you’re somebody who can hit their shots with consistency, then there will still be a lot to love with this gun, even after the nerf.

Other Shotgun Changes

The Primal Shotgun wasn’t the only thing that was tweaked as the Makeshift Shotgun also got some tweaks according to HYPEX.

The Makeshift will now equip faster, reload faster and the clip size has increased from two to three. With the upgrades, you’ll stand a much better chance at the beginning of a game if this is the only shotgun you’re able to find.

This was a gun that was always meant to be upgraded instead of used right away, but if you’re in a pinch off spawn, it’s the best option you have. Having just two bullets in the clip in a situation like that was always questionable, so it’s good to see Epic address it.

It’s still a gun you’re supposed to upgrade as soon as possible, so try not to keep it in your inventory for too long or you might find yourself back at the main menu before you know it.

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