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Ever since the Battle Royale portion of the game launched, Epic has maintained a policy of keeping the future of Fortnite an exciting topic for both fans and non-fans alike. Season four in particular gave fans plenty of fuel for discussion as clues and red-herrings left by Epic were discovered and picked apart. The lead up to season five hasn’t been quite so dramatic, but that hasn’t kept avid fans from trying to dig up everything they can on what’s coming to Fortnite in the near-future.

A couple of days ago, Epic added a set of new Independence Day cosmetics to Fortnite. As most cosmetic additions to the game are they were fun and generally well-received by the game’s community. Still, season five is coming and some fans have been working hard to shed some light on it. Some of these efforts have been fruitful; a recent data mine of the game’s files has revealed the names for several new cosmetic items that will presumably go live once Fortnite Season 5 begins.

As seen in the tweet above, the discoveries are limited to a few new contrails of varying themes. There doesn’t seem to be a common theme connecting them, so they’re not really useful fuel for divining season five’s theme.

Fortnite’s map has been seeing some curious happenings due to dimensional rifts above Tomato Town and other areas. Perhaps these contrails point to effects of the rifts or maybe even the types of places some of the rifts could potentially lead to.

Fortnite’s fourth season ends next week, so fans aren’t going to have to wait very long before everything is revealed. Still, one can’t help but impatiently wonder what exactly Epic has in store once season five finally goes live. These dimensional rifts create all sorts of possibilities for the game, and Epic hasn’t yet failed to capitalize on Fortnite’s potential. It’s doubtful that the coming changes will be overly dramatic, and yet one still can’t shake the feeling that Epic will still manage to surprise everyone all over again.

Fortnite is currently available on iOS, PC, PS4, Switch, and Xbox One.

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