Fortnite’s second Season 2 expects you to die

Do I need to play the first Fortnite 2 to understand what’s happening in the second 2? Well, I can find out now that Epic Games has launched the newest update for its battle royale shooter.

Fortnite Chapter 2 – 2 is available now with a secret agent theme … and also Deadpool. The trailer for the update shows a banana wearing a tux and drinking a powerup out of a martini glass. Then in the trailer for the new Battle Pass, Marvel’s most mischievous mutant shows up.

As usual, the Battle Pass is available for $10 and runs through April 30.

This is the first major content update for Fortnite since its Chapter 2 overhaul. Way back in October, Epic shut the shooter down for multiple days as part of its The End event. This led to the company relaunching Fortnite with a plethora of significant changes.

But then Christmas and some development issues at Epic led to Chapter 2 – Season 1 lasting longer than any previous season. Season 2 is here now, though. And players can get into the action by downloading the game

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