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For months, players of the 13th: The have been asking Gun Media and IllFonic to make servers available. It’s no secret that the game has suffered from performance and lag issues since it launched, and servers would go a long way towards making the game a lot more smooth and stable.

The team behind the game has been promising dedicated servers for quite some time, but fans have been in the dark about when they will arrive. Positively for Friday the 13th: The Game fans, the team has now offered an . Responding to a fan on Twitter, the official Friday the 13th account confirmed that dedicated servers would be arriving in “the next console update.” Unfortunately, it didn’t offer a specific release date for said console update, but fans welcomed the additional clarity.

Earlier this year, IllFonic and Gun Media revealed that development on the game was permanently cancelled due to ongoing litigation. This meant that they would be unable to add any new content to Friday the 13th: The Game–not even a tree, rock, tweaks to the map, or new characters. The only things that could be added are technical improvements such as the long-awaited dedicated servers update.

Because of the cancelled development, fans have been even more excited for the dedicated servers. Sure, Friday the 13th may not be adding any new game modes or characters any time soon, but at least the game would run like melted butter. Lag only adds to the sting of no new content, and some lapsed players have even said that the arrival of dedicated servers will give them a big reason to play the game again.

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Some will also be hoping that these dedicated servers will be solid foundations just in case development is able to continue in future. While there have been new physical releases of the game (including the Slasher Edition, which comes with a Jason mask) which have driven new fans, many prospective players will have stayed away from the game. They aren’t being drawn in by the draw of new content. But hopefully with the arrival of dedicated servers, if development resumes and there is a massive influx of new players in future, the game will be more than prepared to handle all those new people playing at once.

Friday the 13th: The Game is available now for PC, PlayStation 4, and One.

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