Games Inbox: Anthem gameplay video, Detroit: Become Human story, and Uncharted 4 hate | Gaming

I notice in those official E3 Awards that Anthem was mentioned, which surprised me as up to that point I’d completely forgotten that it was even at E3. (I guess technically it wasn’t, as EA don’t go anymore?) I don’t say this because I have anything against the game, quite the opposite, I’m quite interested in it but for a game that’s out in February and is a brand new IP they don’t seem to be making much of a fuss about it.

They released a gameplay video a couple of days ago and I thought it looked really good, but I hardly saw anyone talk about it and certainly none of my mates I showed it to even had a clue what the game was.

I know we’ve talked many times about how weird publishers can be about release dates and previews and so on but this strikes me as particularly odd considering that a lot of money has been spent on the game. I get that they’ve probably had to rethink their approach to loot boxes in it, but I don’t see how that affects how much of it they can show off now. It’s not like the E3 demo was going to have microtransactions in it!

Destiny in Iron Man suits sounds like a pretty great concept to me and, in my naïve view, an easy sell. If they idea is to hype it up nearer to Christmas that seems a bit odd considering how much will be out there, including other EA games, but who am I to say? I just hope they don’t send another BioWare game out to die.

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