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As a gamer who deals almost entirely in digitally-delivered PC games but disc-based console games I will say that if the consoles go digital-only I’m out. I recently got myself an Xbox One and two games: Dead Rising 4 and ReCore. The first thing I had to do when I put the disc in was download a 42GB patch. This took forever and didn’t work the first time of asking.

Now, I’m on a fairly mediocre BT internet connection and the download still took hours, for only the patch. How on earth will people play download-only games if their Internet is the same or worse than mine? Even now, never mind the future, games companies must be losing out on revenue due to making some games digital-only? I did no market research so that might not be true.

I think a few things need to happen, one of those is making compression a lot better. Making a 20-60GB file a tenth the size to download would go a long way for people like me who don’t play many multiplayer games so don’t need a super-fast bells and whistles broadband, which probably represent a large majority of gamers. Of course the uncompressing end would need to be pretty hot too or you would still have to wait ages on the install to the console. Hopefully the ‘middle out’ algorithm works in real life (Silicon Valley joke).

Another thing is a new way of storing data on a console that can make a 500GB drive stretch the amount it can store, either that or sell the console day one with more storage removing the need for external drive.
PS: anyone tried Zombie Night Terror? It’s like Lemmings with zombies.

GC: But you said you buy everything digitally on PC? Why is that okay but consoles are not? Especially as ReCore’s patch is abnormally large.

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