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In response to Firemot and the new consoles, I’ll be firmly in the camp of not getting one immediately when they do eventually arrive. Don’t get me wrong, I’m a big fan of the advancement of technology, especially in gaming, but at present I simply don’t have the time to entertain a new console and I’ll no doubt be in a similar position come 2019 or 2020 if that’s when they come out. This is simply down to a few things, namely life commitments and free time. Plus the backlog I currently have on PlayStation 4.

I’d probably describe myself as a late gamer if there is such a thing, or maybe late game player is more apt. I’ve been playing games since I had an Amstrad CPC 464 way back in the 80s and have loved gaming ever since. Managed to get a paper round at a young age which meant getting games when they first came out and continued to do that for most of my adult life, until settling down and children came on the scene.

Since then gaming has took a bit of a back seat which means for years I’ve been playing catch up with titles. In 2017 I finally purchased a PlayStation 4 after getting through the last of my Xbox 360 back catalogue and already have quite the collection to get through. Being a late game player does have a few perks though, with one major one being the cost of games. At present I have Bloodborne Game Of The Year (£20), The Witcher 3 Game Of The Year (£15), NieR: Automata (£15), Uncharted 4 (£10), XCOM 2 (£10), Wolfenstein II (£10), Dishonored 2 (£5), and God Of War (free – my mate gave me this as he was finished with it which was far too generous of him) to get through.

Those eight games came to £85 and would have originally been nigh on £400 new. I also have a list of about 20 games that I would like to get in the future as well. What this means is that when the new generation of consoles arrives I’ll still be trying to get through my PlayStation 4 catalogue.

I’d guess the new consoles with probably retail for either £399.99 if we’re lucky or more likely £499.99. If they are to include 4K as standard that would mean having to invest in a new 4K TV for about £800 to get the best out of the system, to then possibly have to wait two to three years before the consoles started hitting their strides with games starting to look the part, which just wouldn’t be worth it to me.

I certainly won’t skip the generation and I’m very much looking forward to what’s in store, I’ll just be late to the party.
PS: Very tempted to get Yakuza 0 for £13 but is that the best game to start with?

GC: Not because of chronology, but yes.

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