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RE: Matt (He_who_runs_away – PSN ID). I pretty much agree with the points raised about the life span of a console. I was, and most other people I knew back in the days of the Master System and Nintendo Entertainment System, were kids from the late eighties and early nineties and never new older gamers or even thought they existed. The game shows on TV were with adult presenters and guests but were talking to a kids’ audience with kid players.

All gaming TV adverts were with kids and if I went to a friend’s house or spoke to a stranger kid on holiday and games were the topic, we could not imagine an adult conversation being about a subject like this. Especially as even arcades were full of teenagers and no one older, with younger ones watching them play. It even felt odd when one of my friend’s uncles then spoke to me about gaming and he was in his early thirties possibly! Wow an older gamer.

Roll the clock on a considerable amount of time later and I don’t even imagine children being as passionate about games as much as us adults. Just listen to my colleagues at work talking about games or streamers on Twitch, YouTube, etc. and of course Dara O Briain’s Go 8 Bit with a complete adult line-up and adult audience. Quite honestly, I haven’t even spoken to a kid about a game for years.

I was a couple of years later getting a PlayStation 4 and could not imagine thinking it is out of date. As GC says, game consoles shine extra bright towards the latter half of their lives and a new console just seems to look the same or just marginally better depending on the budget behind the game. I do think there will be a limit on how games look generally and only a few higher-resourced games will be better in looks. Most companies will find it too expensive to design a game of such high-end graphical capabilities.

Like I have said before, just keep releasing interesting games and I’ll keep being interested in the industry. But yes, it still remains a curious future regarding this hobby and still in many ways exciting.

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