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RE: Regarding my comments about streaming consoles. Jeff says no further hardware is required, other than a controller. But that’s half my point. The controller is essential and no one’s going to wander around with one of those, so any idea that streaming consoles are more portable is immediately eliminated and you’re basically just left with something that’s not much different to a smartphone game.

Being cheaper than a console is possibly the strongest point in its favour but it’s actually what worries me the most. Companies aren’t going to be able to charge much more than £10 for a monthly subscription and that is going to have to pay for both the servers and likely the games themselves, if it’s following a Netflix model.

The problem is despite its popularity Netflix still only has 125 million subscribers worldwide and it’s cost them billions in debt to gain them there. That’s less than the number of home consoles (portables are another 88 million) that have been sold this generation.

So console companies are going to struggle to equal the same number of people while earning vastly less from each one. The numbers don’t add up if you’re expecting traditional games and the obvious solution, especially if you consider the controller problem, is smartphone style games and smartphone style microtransactions.

We’ll have to wait and see – probably a good few years – but I think those in a rush to encourage streaming may end up regretting the whole idea, which could lead the whole industry down a very dark and narrow path.

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