GamesBeat Decides 88: Jeff is a godking now | Gaming

This week, GamesBeat PC gaming editor Jeffrey Grubb has begun calling himself the “godking” because his people in Frostpunk have started worshiping him. This has left GamesBeat reviews editor Mike Minotti, his GamesBeat Decides podcast co-host, frightened and alone. You’ll have to listen to see if he decides to submit to Lord Jeffrey’s rule.

On this episode, Mike and Jeff also talk about She-Ra, Danger Zone 2, and Dead Cells on Switch. In the news, the crew discusses how typos can destroy a game, Epic’s bold move to give more money to asset creators, and Capcom’s stock price.

You can hear all that and more by clicking play below or downloading here. Join us, won’t you?

Here’s what we talked about:

  • 20XX
  • Frostpunk
  • Danger Zone 2
  • Dead Cells
  • Modders fix Alien: Colonial Marines by fixing a typo
  • Epic increases payout to 88 percent
  • Capcom shares plummet because analysts are concerned about Monster Hunter sales
  • Rainbow Six: Siege players are getting banned for slurs
  • No Man’s Sky Next trailer
  • Epic’s first esports Fortnite event didn’t go so well
  • German court bans vague dates in promotional material
  • Wolfenstein II probably didn’t sell very well

Please don’t try to get us fired!

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