Genshin Impact Leaks Full Neuvillette Kit

Neuvillette is one of the most anticipated characters coming to , and recent leaks seem to have pinpointed what players can expect from his full ability kit. Though he was well-known among leaker circles, the majority of Genshin fans were introduced to Neuvillette through The Final Feast teaser for Fontaine, where he made a strong impression as the Chief Justice who kept the Hydro Archon in check. It's safe to say that Neuvillette has a chance at becoming one of the most popular Genshin Impact characters.

However, initial hype and popularity mean very little if the character's ability kit is underwhelming. For example, Dehya in Genshin Impact played a prominent role during the Sumeru Archon Quest, with many fans becoming instantly attached to her strong personality, visual design, and overall cool factor. Unfortunately, her ability kit still remains disliked by the Genshin Impact community, and some fans are worried that a few Fontaine characters will meet the same fate.

Though the jury is still out on upcoming Genshin Impact characters like Wriothesley and Navia, it seems that Neuvillette will have a highly versatile kit that makes full use of the new Ousia and Pneuma mechanics. The leaks came from the Chinese Baidu forums, with vivliz providing an English translation for the Genshin Impact community on Reddit. Neuvillette can be played as both on-field DPS or off-field Support DPS, where he takes on the role of a Hydro version of Yae Miko, with his Elemental Skill providing the biggest benefits to the overall group.

Neuvillette's versatility is tied to the buffs he generates for either being on-field or off-field for longer than two seconds, as it also alters his Ousia and Pneuma polarity. His Elemental Skill scales off HP, while his Normal Attacks scale off ATK. However, Neuvillette's on-field buff adds extra damage to his Normal Attacks based on HP, which means that Genshin Impact players will likely want to prioritize HP artifacts when building Neuvillette.

On the other hand, being off-field enhances the power of Neuvillette's Elemental Skill, while his Elemental Burst adds bonus damage to the on-field character's Normal Attacks. Depending on the way this bonus damage scales, he could be extremely useful to characters with strong Normal Attack multipliers such as Eula. Though Constellations in Genshin Impact play a major role in determining a character's full potential, Neuvillette's Constellations remain a mystery. On paper, he seems like a strong unit, but his Hydro application will ultimately decide his viability for the insanely popular Bloom and Hyperbloom teams.

Genshin Impact is available now for PC, Mobile, PS4 and PS5. A Switch version is in development.

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