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After a very successful first year, Ubisoft announced that Ghost Recon Wildlands would be getting a second year of post-launch support following in the footsteps of other Tom Clancy titles Rainbow Six Siege and The Division. Three months after announcing the surprising Splinter Cell crossover in Special Operations 1 three months ago, Ubisoft unveiled the next wave of free content including a highly requested PvE game mode.

As expected, the completely free update known as Special Operations 2 has content for both PvE and PvP players. For solo or co-op Ghost Recon Wildlands players, Ghost Mode adds a significant test for even the most skilled players by adding permadeath. In addition to getting a game over screen when dying, Ghost Mode adds a number of restrictions to the session including only being able to use one main weapon and one handgun, friendly fire, being able to switch weapons at ammo boxes or looting enemies, and a real reloading system where any extra bullets in the clip are lost. Players can even opt to disable AI teammates for an even more difficult challenge.

For fans of PvP combat, Ghost War is also getting a few updates and features including two new maps and character classes. Observer mode allows players to spectate and watch custom matches, while new progression bars show players where they are in the currently ranked league. Social features have also been added including a post-match screen that shows the winning team as well as emotes, voice lines, and victory poses that can be collected.

These updates go live next week on July 24 for season pass owners while everyone else can start digging in a week later on July 31.

According to the original Year 2 reveal, Ubisoft still has two additional Special Operations planned for Ghost Recon Wildlands’ second year, likely indicating that the third will arrive sometime around October and the fourth likely arriving around the game’s actual launch month of March. Unlike Rainbow Six Siege, Ubisoft hasn’t revealed what players can expect to see in each release, only indicating that each one will consist of updates to PvE, PvP, and community requested features.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is available now on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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