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Several months ago, the director of God of War, Cory Barlog, revealed that he has five additional games in mind for the epic action-adventure series, but the planning for those sequels had only been in his head at that point in time. Now, it seems like the next entry in the franchise could soon be becoming more than just an idea, as the developer Santa Monica Studio recently listed an open position for a concept artist on its website, suggesting that work on the sequel could be starting soon or even underway already.

According to the position’s description, Santa Monica Studio is looking for a Senior Character Concept Artist to work on a currently unnamed project for the developer, but some details could indicate that the enterprise might include some historical or mythological figures, like those that would be found in a God of War sequel. For example, one segment of the job post reads that applicants will be expected to, “Work with the Art Directors and Leads to create a high quality characters, gods, creatures, and props,” with the reference of “gods” standing out in particular.


In addition to wanting someone to help generate various conceptual designs for deities and the like, Santa Monica Studio also invites applicants for the Senior Character Concept Artist position to help lay the visual blueprints for “a rich cast of characters and creatures steeped in story, mythology, mixed with strong historical detail and influences”. Without a doubt, this part of the job description will catch the attention of many God of War fans due to the fact that the PlayStation 4 exclusive contains exactly that.

All things considered, while it’s still too early to determine whether or not the next entry in the God of War franchise already has select team of developers fleshing it out behind the scenes, the Senior Character Concept Artist role Santa Monica Studio is looking to fill definitely implies it’s ready to get the ball rolling. Should that be the case, the developer definitely has a high bar to hurdle over, for as evidenced in our review and countless others, God of War on PS4 practically perfect in many ways.

God of War is available now for PlayStation 4.

Source: Santa Monica Studio

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